Jimmies on the Dam Develops Skilled Adventurers

All News, Latest News, Friday, 23 Feb 2024

Affectionately known as Jimmies on the Dam, the Year 11 Certificate II in Outdoor Recreation Assessment Camp was held at the college's Maroon Dam campus recently. The college's outdoor recreation teacher and trainer Darin Coombes described the camp as a transformative experience, where students emerged as skilled outdoor enthusiasts.  He highlighted the camp's focus on practical skills and safety.

"From mastering canoe self-rescues to perfecting paddle strokes, honing safety signals, and delving into the art of setting up swags, our campers embraced every challenge with enthusiasm and determination," he said.

Furthermore, Mr Coombes emphasised the importance of bush safety noting that students learned invaluable lessons firsthand.

"From understanding the significance of safety signals to implementing emergency procedures with calm and efficiency, our students proved themselves to be not only skilled adventurers but responsible ones as well," he added.

This much loved program at the college uniquely equips students, making them proficient in outdoor activities and resilient individuals ready for life's adventures.