Learning Pathways

Students achieve academic and vocational training outcomes that provide numerous flexible study and employment options in the future.  

The college has a strong focus on blended pathways, offering an extensive curriculum and support program tailored to meet the specific needs of students at all stages of their learning. 

The diverse range of subjects and academic support structures which enhance learning include:

  • Mathematics: Mathematics, General Mathematics, Mathematical methods, Specialist Mathematics, Essential Mathematics, Mathematics Extension 
  • English and Languages: English, English as an Additional Language, Essential English, Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, Spanish, Arabic 
  • Religious Education: Study of Religion, Religion and Ethics, Advocacy and Community Service, Religion, Meaning and Life, Certificate III Christian Ministry and Theology
  • Humanities: Global Learning and Sustainability, Business Enterprise, Accounting, Legal Studies, Modern History
  • Design and Technology: Digital Technology, Information and Communication Technology, Information Digital Media and Technology, Design and Technology, Engineering, Construction, Furnishing 
  • Science: Science, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Sampling and Measurement 
  • Health, Sport, Recreation and Fitness: Health and Physical Education, Outdoor Recreation, Sport Coaching, Fitness 
  • Creative Industries: Visual Art, Music, Creative Media and Arts, Creative Industries 

A range of Certificate qualification courses at various levels are offered at the college. Areas  include:

  • Humanities
  • Business Studies
  • Information Technology
  • Hospitality
  • Tourism
  • Kitchen Operations
  • Fitness
  • Sport Coaching
  • Sport & Recreation 
  • Outdoor Recreation
  • Engineering
  • Construction
  • Foundation Skills
  • Literacy Extension and Support
  • Furnishing
  • Science
  • Creative Industries

Pirlirrpa Education Program

The college delivers the Pirlirrpa Education Program at a campus adjoining the college. This unique and flexible education program offers a range of subjects with a focus on work skills and work placements, yielding excellent outcomes.