High Performance Culture

St James has cultivated a high-performance culture that is exemplified through outstanding results achieved across a variety of activities and programs.

St James College is a place of global learning of 21st century skills and capabilities for every student, with an emphasis on creativity, problem solving, critical thinking, and communication. We ensure every student can achieve their aspirations by providing a high performance learning environment coupled with educational excellence.

“We provide a global learning environment enabling students to achieve aspirations. We provide opportunities for students to choose from a variety of flexible learning pathways, connect them with the right teaching, support, industry partners and resources and commit to the seeing students succeed."

— Kristina Johnson, Deputy Principal

With highly skilled and dedicated teachers and support staff, students are guided on their learning journey and become graduates who excel in life, work, and culture. 

Extension opportunities for students occur in and out of the classroom, in local, state, and national competitions such as World Scholar’s Cup and the Mock United Nations, sporting events and music, drama, and performing arts competitions. 

Recognition at the Queensland and Australian Training Awards 

The college placed as one of three National Finalists in the 2019 Australian Training Awards, in the School Pathways to VET category and placed as State Finalists in the 2020 Queensland Training Awards in the VET Teacher in Hospitality/Tourism category and in the Equity Student of the Year category.

In 2021, students five students have been named Regional Finalists in the Queensland Training Awards. Read the story here.

In 2022, two senior students and the St James College Head of Faculty - VET & Trade Skills, Mr Anthony Hill were state finalists in the Queensland Training Awards. Read the story here.

In 2023, five senior St James College students were named regional finalists across multiple categories in the Queensland Training Awards. Read the story here. Furthermore, the college is a finalist in the Australian Training Awards in the School Pathways to VET category with winners to be announced in November 2023.