International Women's Day Event Inspires Inclusion in Science, Law and Sport

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St James College marked International Women's Day with a vibrant celebration of inclusion, drawing over 300 guests from both the community and the school. At the heart of the celebration was a panel discussion, facilitated by Ellen Fanning, ABC journalist and parent at St James college.

The panel featured a blend of youthful insights from college captains Shakinah Faialaga and Nahed Adam, alongside the wisdom and inspiration from three distinguished women in industry. Professor Jennifer MacLeod a physicist with a distinguished career, encouraged girls to get involved in physics and painted a vivid picture of physics as not just a science but a creative pursuit that tackles and solves society's ‘huge gnarly’ problems.

Ann-Maree David, the Executive Director of The College of Law, highlighted the evolving landscape of legal careers. She inspired the audience with the idea that law is a field ripe with opportunities, especially for those embarking on their second career, and the multiple pathways to success in the legal profession.

Kirsty Jarrett, Education Program Manager at the Brisbane Broncos talked about what she called the hidden job market for women in the sporting industry highlighting career opportunities for women not only as players and coaches, but in sports management related fields such as sponsorship, community engagement and health. “I’m excited for what the future holds for women in this industry,” Kirsty said.

Acting Principal Kristina Johnson said the event was moving and thought-provoking, 'embracing a strong spirit of unity and empowerment, the day reflected the theme of IWD of #InspireInclusion!" 

The event featured dance performances by the various cultural groups at the college and was deliciously catered and served by the student hospitality team. #InspireInclusion #IWD2024 #JimmiesSpirit

St James College International Women's Day Event 2024
L-R: Ellen Fanning, Kirsty Jarrett, Shakinah Faialaga, Nahed Adam, Anne-Maree David and Prof Jennifer MacLeod

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St James College International Women's Day event 2024