History Made with Boys Netball Team Undefeated Win at Premier School Championship

Sport, Tuesday, 14 Sept 2021

The first ever St James College boys netball team enjoyed an undefeated and historic win of the Boys Cup in the Origin Energy Vicki Wilson Championship recently. 

The annual competition is the premier netball competition for high schools across Queensland and was hosted by Netball Queensland at the Queensland State Netball Centre, Nissan Arena.

It was the second competition for the team this year after debuting at the Queensland Independent Secondary Schools Netball competition in June where they were named as the All Stars and Rising Stars boys team.

Principal Ann Rebgetz said the team made history in a proud moment for the college.

“They were undefeated and have achieved a place in history at Nissan Arena.”

“Their teamwork, determination and smart strategic play really gave them an edge.

“This is a very proud moment in the history of St James College!” Ms Rebgetz exclaimed.

Further Ms Rebgetz congratulated Team Coach Mr Scott Prickett and Team Manager Mr Atem Atem, and thanked Firebird Ms Romelda Aitken and past Firebird and Accredited Coach Ms Tracey Bruce for their encouragement and training support for the team.

Team Coach Mr Scott Prickett said the team was one of six boys’ teams competing in the round robin competition, and despite a disrupted preparation period due to COVID, the team did not disappoint and drew in the crowds.

“The boys were a crowd favourite as crowds swamped the court each game to watch a Jimmies showcase of skill, athleticism, flare and excitement – their play was a magnet for the crowds.”

“Five hard-fought games were played on finals day, and our team did not disappoint.

“The seniors in the team left their trademark on the competition and it will be one to remember for the ages. Thanks goes to all nine seniors for being part of the inaugural boys netball team here at St James” Mr Prickett said.

Netball Queensland weighed in on the team’s win and said in a post on their Facebook page: “A massive shout out to St James College team who WON the Origin Energy Vicki Wilson boys Division.” 

“They played some amazing games of netball last Friday. We can't wait to see them bring the [fire emoji] again next year!”

The St James College Vicki Wilson Cup Winning Boys Team

Back Row L-R: Ms Ann Rebgetz (Principal), Yousif Abdalla Gamar, Emanuel Deng, Jeremiah Mercado, Yousif Baku, Mr Scott Prickett (Coach), David John. Front Row L-R: Matt Choma, Ahmed Abdalla Gamar, Lionel Nihibitanga, Jeremiah Almencion.