College Opens Camino Training Café

Latest News, Wednesday, 23 Sept 2020

St James College opened the Camino Training Café to allow hospitality and business students to gain experience in a fully functioning business.  

The Camino Café is aptly named in recognition of the pilgrimage of St James along the Camino de Santiago which translates to the "Way of St James."  This also reflects the journey that the College has experienced to open the Camino Café in what has turned out to be a challenging year.

Students roster themselves on to work in positions ranging from manager, barista, cashier or food and beverage chefs.  Students learn and acquire a range of industry skills and knowledge so they are equipped with the skills employers are looking for.

Open three days a week, the Café has proven to be a popular venue for the staff and students who enjoy exceptional coffee and freshly cooked breakfast.