A Cut Above: St James College Raises $8.7k for Leukemia Foundation

Latest News, Friday, 22 Mar 2024

St James College has rallied in an outstanding display of community action to raise $8,700 - and counting - for the Leukemia Foundation's World’s Greatest Shave, supporting blood cancer research and assistance to families affected by the condition.

The project was initiated following the opening of the college’s Alegria Training Hair Salon this year. Hairdressing & Development Officer, Ms Erin Lorimer pitched the idea, and received enthusiastic support from students and staff wanting to back the cause.

"I knew this initiative would bring our students and community together.”

“In the past, I’ve seen how a common cause motivates people into action,” Ms Lorimer said.

Moved by a personal connection to supporting cancer research, Ms Lorimer started the project with a community call to action.

After setting an initial target of $2,000, donations quickly surpassed this milestone, leading to a new target of $4,000. Total donations are currently sitting on $4,364.

In a stunning offer, TechnologyOne, a long-standing partner and supporter of the college's advocacy and social justice initiatives, heard about the fundraiser and pledged to match every dollar raised. This commitment pushes the total funds raised closer to $9,000.

St James College Acting Deputy Principal Mr Isikeli Kubunameca acknowledged Technology One for their continued support.

"We are incredibly grateful to TechnologyOne for their continued support of our college's initiatives," he said.

Fundraising activities have seen broad participation across the college. Year 9 student Billy Madden and Student Services Officer Yolanda Cano joined forces to boost the total with a successful sausage sizzle during a lunch break.

Furthermore, teachers and staff, including Erin Lorimer, Yolanda Cano, Greg Flint and Anthony Hill, along with students Billy Madden and William Baker, displayed their solidarity by having their hair cut on stage in front of the school.

In a further effort to increase donations, some teachers styled and coloured their hair to show their support, while others agreed to have their hair coloured by the student who raises the most money, described by Ms Lorimer as a fun twist adding some friendly competition.

Ms Lorimer said that additional donations will be collected at the Alegria salon in the coming weeks with a percentage of their takings going to the foundation.

In addition to raising funds, St James College is participating in a Sustainable Salons program, contributing 17 ponytails to their charitable wig project. This initiative is part of the college's partnership with Sustainable Salons, a social enterprise dedicated to helping salons minimise environmental impacts while supporting local communities.

The World’s Greatest Shave project at St James College this year is a testament to the power of community and the significant impact of collective action for a noble cause.