Curriculum Overview

St James College offers a dynamic and innovative curriculum with flexible curriculum access structures that have the capacity to meet the diverse needs and interests of our learners.

An extensive curriculum and support program tailored to meet specific needs is designed to support all students at all stages of their learning.

Years 7 – 10

The Middle School Curriculum encompasses Years 7 to 10. To ease the transition from primary school and based upon the latest understandings of the needs of students in the middle school, Year 7 & 8 students engage with learning in our Board Program.

Year 9 and 10 students select subjects of one semester duration from our broad offerings. The two year program allows students to work at various levels regardless of the year level to which they belong.

Stationery Requirements

Years 11 – 12

In the senior school, St James College offers a very extensive and flexible Senior School Curriculum.

Students can choose from academic curriculum streams to achieve their Overall Position (OP) which leads to direct entry to university from school, or from Vocational Education and Training studies that lead to TAFE, Apprenticeships and/or directly to employment.

A further option is a carefully tailored combination of academic and industry studies which would include a one day a week Industry Placement.

Individual Support

St James College has a supportive Teaching and Learning Department which aims to promote inclusive practices within the St James learning community so that the diverse range of learners can successfully access the curriculum and participate in the life of the college.

The College employs two Guidance Counsellors who assist in tailoring each student's individual study program and personal development.

Exams & Assessments

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