Pastoral Programs

Gen X Unleashed 

On Saturday 25 May 2019, 29 students from St James participated in the annual Gen X Unleashed 2019 competition, a secondary-school fusion of the arts competition. Students are given the task of creating a 6-8 minute piece fusing the elements of Multimedia, Style and Design, Dance, Music and Spoken word to a yearly theme. This year, the theme given to teams was “Passion”.  

Led this year by Jimmies Seniors Mariam Ajang, Alex Abala, Sean Conner and Efon Victorio, the students were determined to equal or better their position from 2018, and boy did they do just that. This team of young people had been working on this piece for the last 3 months, tirelessly through their school holidays, with the help of their Gen X Unleashed Mentors and Teachers.

By the end of the night, our team of Jimmies students took out the Spoken Word Award, Music Award and finally celebrated together on stage with an encore performance, winning First Place within the competition.

Congratulations to these world changers in achieving such an electrifying performance with such a powerful message.

Watch the performance.


Student Formation Program

St James offers a full Personal Development Program for all years helping students make positive and beneficial decisions in their lives.  Please find the Program Overview below.

 Student Formation Program